Other Works: Magnifications - Advertisements for War - Finds

Magnifications (1964-66), spray paintings of images invisible to the naked eye, are based on microscopic views of plants, their pistils, leaves and stems. In this series early expression is given to the artist’s interest in the new techniques and subject matter provided by science and technology.

Advertisements for War (1972-74) follow the tradition of Callot and Goya in depicting the miseries of war, in this case the ill-conceived and ultimately disastrous US intervention in Vietnam. Although the victims and slogans have changed, the contradictions and cruelties portrayed are grim foreshadowings of the continuing bitter conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finds (1990-2000) are perhaps more rightly called assemblages since each is the combination of a scrap of wood and chunk of stone plucked up during wanderings in the forests of the Adirondack mountains and suggesting in their new created entity, ancient spirits of the place petrified by time.